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Take Your Toothbrush to Work

Bring your toothbrush to work -- brushing after lunch is one way to maintain good oral health.   The road to good dental health not only goes through the bathroom at home, but also through the restroom at work.   "More people should consider taking a toothbrush to work with them to brush during the [...]

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How Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth Whitening Philippines Laser whitening, over-the-counter bleaching and whitening toothpastes have varied levels of effectiveness.   What does teeth whitening do?   Teeth whitening can be a highly effective yet very simple method of lightening the color of teeth, which does not need the removal of any tooth structure. It cannot make a color change, [...]

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Getting a Great Smile for the Wedding Day

Getting married? See a dentist beforehand to prevent dental emergencies and make your smile  picture perfect!   Leah Ingram, prominent author and a regular contributor to bridal and women's magazines, contacted me about a book she was writing. I was surprised and pleased to learn that her new book was to include both general and [...]

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Do I Really Need That Dental Work?

Many dental problems don't have symptoms. Find out what to do if you're concerned about your dentist's diagnosis.   Q: I have not been to a dentist in about a year and a half since I recently moved to the area. My new dentist told me that I have seven cavities and need two crowns. [...]

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Air Abrasion Takes the Fear Out of Treating Cavities

Air abrasion offers fearful patients an alternative to drills and needles. Find out if this cavity treatment is right for you. Air abrasion is a relatively new technology used for treating cavities that can often eliminate the need for an anesthetic injection and the dental drill. Air abrasion works like a precise sandblaster, where tiny, [...]

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Aesthetic Dentistry Helps Self-Esteem of Children

Pediatric dentists can use aesthetic restorations to improve children's smiles. Children who have damaged, discolored or missing front teeth sometimes have problems with self-esteem that can be improved with aesthetic dentistry, says a pediatric dentist. "Many parents and some dentists feel that because these are only baby teeth, they don't need to be restored as [...]

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The Permanent Canine Teeth

Permanent human canine teeth are long and stable like a dog's -- or a vampire's.   Human canines are the longest and most stable of teeth in the dental arch. Only one tooth of this class is present in each quadrant. In traditional dental literature, canines are considered the cornerstones of the dental arch. They [...]

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Adults Make Good Candidates for Braces

Adults in need of orthodontic care have little reason to avoid the orthodontist.   The reasons for adult orthodontics are as diverse as they are for children, and given the proper pressure, teeth can be moved at any age.   Saving teeth and better chewing abilities are prime reasons for adult orthodontics. The two go [...]

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Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis

Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis is an uncommon disease marked by swollen gums, ulcers, pain, fever and foul breath.   Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (ANUG) is a severe inflammation of the gingiva (gums), characterized by swollen gums, the formation of ulcers, sloughing of dead tissue, intense pain, fever and foul breath. The disease was formerly known [...]

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