The Effects of Hypertension and Medications on Oral Health

Hypertension and certain medications may affect dental care, causing heavier bleeding, sensitivity to anesthesia and dry mouth.   It is an unfortunate trade off in life that as we age and acquire more wisdom and experience, we also increase the likelihood of having health problems.   Senior citizens are more likely to have high blood [...]

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What to Expect With Dental Bleaching

Tooth whitening can improve your appearance. But not everyone is a candidate for bleaching. What does dental bleaching offer? Dental bleaching is a safe, effective and cost-efficient means to achieve a winning smile. Countless people may now have white teeth and brilliant smiles, previously thought only available to celebrities. While unlikely to land you a [...]

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What to Do With All of That Halloween Candy?

Here are some suggestions on how to minimize the possibility of cavities from Halloween candy. Well, it's over. The Halloween candy is all handed out. You've looked over the haul your children made and picked out the dangerous-looking pieces, the candy nobody likes and some for your own stash. What to do now? If you [...]

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What to Do During a Dental Emergency

Don't panic -- there are ways to cope with a dental emergency when your dentist is out of the office. A dental emergency is always a stressful situation, but it can become absolutely nerve-racking when your dentist is out of the office. Whether it's late Saturday night and your dentist won't be back in until [...]

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What Causes Geographic Tongue?

Geographic tongue is a harmless condition causing red patches on the tongue. Find out why. Geographic tongue is characterized by multiple irregularly shaped red patches on the top of the tongue. The condition describes tongue patches which exhibit a geographic, map-like appearance. The patches may have sharp distinct grey-white borders. Over time, they move around [...]

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What Are Dental Cavities?

Get kids interested in their dental health! This overview of cavities is easy for children to understand. Dental cavities, also known as dental caries, are simply holes in teeth caused by bacteria -- the microscopic germs that live in the mouth. Think of your mouth as a crowded city, over packed with millions of people [...]

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Water Fluoridation

The public health benefits of fluoridated water have lead to the addition of community water fluoridation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognize fluoridated water as one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in all water. The fluoride ion comes from the [...]

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Treatment Options for Old Dental Work

Over time, dental bridges, caps and crowns can become loose. If a bridge is in good shape, it can be repaired.   Many people who have a fixed dental bridge can encounter problems with it after years of use. A bridge is a series of crowns or caps that are joined together to rebuild existing [...]

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Tooth Whitening Procedures

No teeth are perfectly white. But discolored teeth can be lightened to reach a natural tooth shade.   Depending on personal habits, such as smoking and drinking coffee or tea, teeth whitening procedures typically produce a desirable, often dramatic result that lasts many years. Whitening may be done alone, or integrated into an overall aesthetic [...]

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The Pearly White Teeth Fantasy

No teeth are perfectly white. But discolored teeth can be lightened to reach a natural tooth shade.   Contrary to many advertisements, it is difficult to obtain perfectly white teeth. Natural, healthy teeth have extremely subtle yellow, brown or gray tones. Shine a flashlight behind your front teeth and look in the mirror to see [...]

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