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The five  most important things  you need to know before you travel.


What actions do I need to take to prepare myself for surgery?

You will likely be asked to see your family physician or an internal medicine doctor for a thorough medical evaluation. To prepare yourself for surgery you may need to:

  • Lose weight (if you’re overweight)
  • Quit smoking (if you smoke)
  • Compile and bring a list of all medications and dosages
  • Inform your surgeon if you are taking aspirin or certain arthritis medications. You may need to stop taking these before surgery. If you are taking aspirin under the direction of a physician for vascular or cardiac reasons, your doctor may advise you to continue taking it as directed
  • Discuss donating your own blood ahead of time for a possible transfusion during surgery

What Evaluations will I need to undergo to ensure that I am qualified for surgery?

We will need supporting information about your symptoms, as well as your general health to determine if surgery is safe and appropriate for you. Your medical evaluation will include:

  • Medical History Review

A careful examination and review of your medical history will help the surgeon understand your general medical condition.

  • Medical Documentation Review

You will forward X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, photos, doctor’s diagnosis, reports, etc. to us that will be forwarded to your surgeon for evaluation.

  • Expectations Review

Your surgeon would like to know what your expectations of the surgery are. We strive to provide complete satisfaction. We need to determine your expectations in advance to make sure we can provide you with your desired outcome. This has proven to be a very worthwhile task.

  • Doctor’s Diagnosis (on-site)

A physical exam will be performed onsite to evaluate your actual condition before surgery.

  • Doctor Consultation (on-site)

Your doctor will spend some time with you, onsite, before your procedure to explain the details of your operation.

  • Lab Tests and Cardiopulmonary Clearance (CP Clearance)

You will be given pre-operative lab tests (if you have yet to do so prior to your arrival) to determine your eligibility for surgery.  The results will be reviewed by BHMGs Medical Internist and provide clearance for surgery.

  • Beverly Hills Medical Tour (on-site)

You will have the opportunity to tour the medical facilities so you can have complete confidence of the capabilities within the facility.

What happens after surgery?

You will remain at Beverly Hills Medical Group for no longer than a period of 24 hours after surgery. The specific recovery time will be established based on the procedure you are receiving and your specific medical condition. As an international patient, we must be sure to provide you with the very best of care. After your surgery, the best place for you to begin recuperation is at Beverly Hills Medical Group under constant surveillance. Your doctor will meet with you daily.

How long do I need to stay in the country after my surgery?

Your stay in the country after being discharged from Beverly Hills Medical Group will depend on the type of procedure you had done which would have been discussed with you during your consultations.  However, your stay in the country during your recuperation period has many advantages. These include:

  • Continued access to your surgeon
  • Professional hotel assistance
  • Comfortable, private room for continued recuperation
  • A chance to tour and visit the country

What arrangements would I need to consider for my return trip home?

There are several things to consider when planning your flight home.

  • You may want to consider wheelchair assistance within the airport terminals
  • You may want to request bulkhead seating on the plane for more room
  • You may want to bring along a doctor’s note to receive special assistance.