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The five  most important things  you need to know before you travel.


How should I get there and where should I stay?

Perfect Body Tours can arrange all travel requirements and has corporate agreements with existing hotels and service apartments within the area of where Beverly Hills Medical Group is located.

I don’t know anyone abroad then how am I able to travel and get surgery abroad?

Perfect Body Tours will be with you every step of your journey providing each individual their special needs.

How far is the hotel or recovery resort from the hospital?

If you do have a complication, you want to make sure you can get to the hospital as quickly as possible. Ask your hospital liaison or medical tourism facilitator what contingency plans are in place for this. Traffic and driving conditions at some medical tourism destinations are…how should I say…a bit ”interesting” to say the least, so you will want to know how long it should reasonably take for you to get to and from your hotel. At the same time, you will want your hotel to be located in an area that is conducive to rest and relaxation, or simply safe for strolling about.

Some countries offer medical tourism patients the option of staying at so-called recovery retreats. These are usually all-inclusive facilities, sometimes located in the mountains or by the beach, that cater specifically to surgery patients. Costa Rica has been a pioneer in this type of aftercare concept, for many years attracting a large number of cosmetic surgery and dental tourism patients. In recent years, medical tourism patients undergoing more invasive procedures have also begun to explore this option.

This type of facility (recovery resort) is attractive for medical tourism patients who prefer personalized care and the opportunity to socialize with other people who are in a similar situation as they are. Are you sporting the results of an unsightly two day old facelift? Who cares, you’re sitting across the table from three others who look just as bad as you do. Not standing out from the crowd and the camaraderie that develops from exchanging stories, tips, and gossip, is for obvious reasons, an irresistible draw for cosmetic surgery patients.

You may ask, is this a good option for medical tourism patients with more invasive procedures, such as a total knee replacement? It depends, some recovery retreats may be located in mountainous areas, have limited wheelchair access, and require medical tourism patients to walk up and down stairs. Other retreats will not have these limitations and can be an excellent option for medical tourism patients who have undergone more invasive procedures.

When choosing between a regular hotel and a recovery retreat, keep in mind that the former was not built with medical tourism patients in mind, nor will it offer the personalized care and attention of the latter. Some people prefer this and are okay with the anonymity of a regular hotel. At the same time, a recovery retreat’s relative isolation from the “outside” world is sometimes seen as a drawback by some medical tourism patients and their family members.

What are the risks of flying after surgery?

As discussed above, the principal dangers of flying after surgery are deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Please refer above to “What are the risks of medical tourism” for more information.

Do I need to fly business or first class after my surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery you have undergone, it may be wise to purchase tickets in first or business class. This is especially true for orthopedic procedures such as hip and knee replacements, cardiac surgery, and neurosurgery – where you need to be comfortable and require extra space.

Should I request a wheelchair for my return trip?

If you’ve undergone any medical tourism procedure that limits your mobility such as the surgeries mentioned above, don’t hesitate to request a wheelchair from the airline or through the hospital or facilitator. Believe me; you will be happy that you did.

Is it safe to travel so far after surgical procedure?

Your travel plans will be decided on the basis of the surgical procedure you select, we will inform you about the recuperation time required and when can you return.