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The Effect

If you’re like most people with dark, discolored gums, you’re self-conscious about your smile. Few people living with gum discoloration understand their treatment options, and new laser-based methods of gum lightening are not right for everyone. Should you decide that this treatment is right for you, you can start enjoying attractive gums and smiling with total confidence when you choose aesthetic gum lightening. Learn more about how my Beverly Hills Medical Group can improve your smile.

Best Candidates

Dark gums can be caused by many factors. Most commonly, discoloration occurs due to a buildup of melanin in the gum tissue, turning otherwise healthy-looking, pink gums to a brown or even black color. People who have darker skin are more susceptible to melanin buildup in the gums. Smoking is thought to be a factor that can cause or worsen the appearance of gums with dark patches. Certain medications and gum diseases may cause gum discoloration to develop as well. Sometimes, gum discoloration can occur because of amalgam tattoos – areas of gray or blue coloring caused by silver filling particles that have migrated to the gum tissue.

If you are seeking cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of your gums, be sure your periodontist pinpoints and treats any issues negatively impacting gum health so that your discolored gum condition will not reoccur.


Patients who have uniformly discolored gums or spotty areas of dark gums all can receive treatment during a single visit. Treatment takes less than one hour in most cases and is customized to meet the needs of each patient’s level of pigment saturation and desired results. There are no side effects from our laser treatment method, which uses safe lightening medication to quickly and painlessly remove discoloration.

Treatment varies depending on the cause and degree of discoloration. Some patients have discoloration only in the superficial (outermost) layers of the gum, while others experience pigmentation in deeper layers as well. Depending on the need, we use various methods of treatment like dermabrasion, laser technology, and other proven methods we have researched and tested. After evaluating your oral health, appearance of your gums, and extent of gum discoloration, our Board Certified Dentists will decide which of the treatment methods we offer will benefit you the most.


How do I choose a dentist to perform my procedure?

When treating gum discoloration, it is very important for you to trust your care to a periodontist, a dental health professional who has received several years of specialized training in the cosmetic treatment of gums and preserving gum health. Some general dentists who are not specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease are using lasers to treat dark gums, but in general they do not have the level of training a periodontist has received.