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Same Day Dentures

What are same day dentures? This type of denture is commonly known as immediate or temporary dentures. They are dentures prepared for people who still have their natural teeth, but for one reason or another need to have them removed. Let’s take a look at the process.

Immediate dentures are just what they imply. Dentures that are immediately set into the jaw bone as soon as the natural teeth have been extracted. No waiting for a set of dentures to be manufactured while you survive on soft foods and milk shakes. In order to achieve this though, you will need to meet with your denturist ahead of time.

First, Your denture professional will take a set of measurements of your head, facial structure, and the dimensions of you inner mouth. These dimensions will be used to determine the proper size for your replacement denture teeth. Then together, you will select your new denture teeth. This is actually a pleasant experience. Many denture professionals have invested in computer technology that allows you to virtually choose the size shape and color of your dentures. You can select a set of completely white dentures in various shades, or go with more realistic denture teeth that have multiple shading to more closely imitate what Mother Nature gave us in the first place. Whatever your choice, you can custom design your new dentures into the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed about.

Once your selection has been made, all the info will be shipped off to the denture lab for manufacturing. Once the dentures have been returned it is time to install them.

Your denturist will begin by extracting the unwanted teeth. Then, while the sockets are still bleeding, he will cement the individual dentures directly into the boney ridge.

There are advantages as well as drawbacks to this type of denture. As the gums heal, the swelling will go down and the new dentures may tend to shift a little, requiring some adjustments. However, the advantages outweigh this. The immediate dentures tend to lessen the pain of the initial extractions. By setting the dentures directly into the boney ridge, the process of resorption is nearly eliminated. Bone tissue needs pressure to stimulate the production of more bone, thereby replacing itself as needed. Immediate dentures assist this process to continue.

Immediate or same day dentures can really be advantageous over the standard denture process. Consult with your denture professional for further info.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures may be just the denture you’re looking for. Perhaps you would feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about being without your natural teeth during the four to six week process of being fitted for standard dentures. Maybe you’re concerned about what you’d be able to eat, and how in the world you’d be able to eat it? Or maybe you would feel just plain self-conscious about a toothless smile. Choosing to have immediate type dentures can put all of these worries to rest.

Immediate dentures get their name from the fact that they are immediately installed into the bone socket after the natural teeth have been extracted.

It follows then that immediate dentures are only suitable for patients who still have their natural teeth, no matter how bad of a condition they are in. Immediate dentures are no longer an option for potential denture wearers whose natural teeth have already been removed and the gums have healed over.

The key to having immediate dentures is to plan for them before your teeth come out. Planning takes place with approximately two visits to your denturist prior to tooth removal. During these visits, your denturist will take precise measurements of your facial structure and original tooth size. Original tooth placement will also be noted. These measurements will determine the proper sizing for your new dentures, helping to assure that they will look realistic once they are installed.

Next, it’s time to select your replacement teeth. Computer technology has taken this phase to new heights, and actually makes choosing denture teeth fun. You will be taken to a “virtual library” of dentures in every conceivable shape, size and shade. Make your choices and then see them assembled on the screen. If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of the potential new dentures, you can go back and alter your original choices until you’ve assembled a set that pleases you. Your denture order will then be sent to a lab for manufacturing.

This is far and away a better system than the old one in which denture candidates wouldn’t get to see the whole picture until the final product had already been assembled. Sometimes this led to disappointment. Since you’ll be wearing your new dentures 24/7, you deserve dentures that will make you feel pleased about wearing them.

When your new dentures arrive back at the office it’s time to install them. Your denturist will extract your old teeth under anesthesia, and the new denture teeth will be immediately cemented directly into the open socket. The biggest benefit of this process is that your new dentures will provide pressure stimulus to your jaw bone. Bones need such stimulus in order to continue production of more bone tissue. This means you shouldn’t suffer from the bone deterioration that renders standard denture wearers unable to keep their dentures in place.

Your gums will likely be somewhat swollen after the extractions and it will take a few weeks for them to heal. During this period your gums will begin to shrink back to their normal size and shape, and this may make your new dentures shift slightly out of alignment. Your denturist will then need to make adjustments to restore proper placement of the new dentures.

All things considered, immediate dentures can be a great solution to the old denture process. Only your denture professional is qualified to determine if you are a candidate for immediate type dentures.

Are these Dentures safe?

Are immediate types of dentures just as safe as other types of dentures? Safety becomes an issue any time surgery is involved, and this is no different when considering immediate or implanted dentures over more conventional types of dentures. Many factors can influence who is a good candidate for these types of dentures, and oral health is only one issue. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations involved.

The first step should be getting a complete medical history on the denture candidate. This could quickly show reasons why surgically implanted dentures are not a good option for this patient, thus saving a lot of time and energy from the get go.

Anesthesia may very well present the first hurdle to immediate/implant denture surgery. If a patient has a history of intolerance or allergy to anesthesia, then he or she would likely be ruled out as a candidate at this point.

Individuals on blood thinning medication would not be considered candidates for denture implant surgery either. The presence of heart or kidney disease would also be considerations. Oral infections and uncontrolled diabetes could impede healing after surgery, rendering immediate denture implants impractical. Dependency on alcohol, drugs or tobacco may interfere with proper nutrition, which aids the healing process. They may also interfere with the patient’s ability to follow post-denture surgery instructions. These are just a few examples of medical conditions to be concerned about when considering immediate denture implants.

There are other risks associated with the surgical denture procedure itself. While the rate of incidence is low, it is possible to perforate the nasal sinus during surgery. Nerve damage is also a possibility. Then there is the additional risk of developing a post-surgical infection if proper oral hygiene is not followed through during the recovery period.

Psychological concerns must also be addressed. Denture candidates with neurosis, depression, and anxiety issues would also need to be evaluated carefully before proceeding with denture surgery. Potential immediate denture implant candidates who’ve had bad dental experiences in the past, and who now have fears associated with dentistry, may also make poor subjects for denture surgery.

So, as you can see, there are many factors involved when considering the safety of immediate/implanted type dentures. Careful thought and research should be put in beforehand to help assure the best outcome. Your denture professional is ready and willing to assist you with your decision.

One day Dentures

If you are in need of your first set of dentures or a replacement for current dentures, you now have the option of “one day dentures”.

One day dentures are sometimes also referred to as “same day dentures”. These dentures fit the needs for two types of denture wearers. Let examine each one separately.

In their simplest form, one day dentures are dentures that can be measured, manufactured and installed the very same day you go in for them. This is possible for the new denture candidate whose gums have just healed from recent extractions, or prior denture wearers who are looking for some type of replacement denture.

There are two catches to this process. First, your denturist will need to have an onsight lab equipped for immediate manufacturing. This is an essential. Second, the potential denture wearer must be willing to forego having the new dentures individually customized to their cosmetic satisfaction. The new dentures will be assembled from in-stock supplies, and the proper choices will be left up to your denturist and the lab technician. Can you be satisfied with this option? Well consider this; if you are happy pulling any old clothes out of a drawer, dressing and heading out to start your day, then same day dentures would probably suit you just as well as custom dentures. However, if you are that person who spends hours at the mall trying on clothes and obsessing on how they make you look before you buy them, same day dentures will probably not leave you feeling satisfied. And satisfaction is the key to denture happiness. If you want to wear your new dentures the same day you go in for them, and you’re willing to make compromises, then same day dentures will probably suit your needs.

In some cases, the concept of one day dentures takes on a different meaning. Immediate dentures are a type of denture that can be installed the same day natural teeth are actually extracted. In brief, you will need to pick out replacement dentures ahead of time in order to have them ready and waiting to be installed. The same day your natural teeth are extracted, the new dentures will be immediately cemented into the open bleeding sockets and you will be essentially converting from dentures to natural teeth in one day. This type of one day denture will require some adjustments in the weeks to come as the gums heal, but many denture wearers find it an acceptable alternative to conventional denture methods.

If either of these methods sounds satisfactory to you, then one day dentures are a definite option. As always, consult with your denturist first.