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The Condition

Pigmented Lesions are birthmarks resulting from malformed pigment cells that usually are brown in color. Excess melanin, the substance giving skin its color, is the one causing Pigmented Lesions.

There are different kinds of Pigmented Lesions: Café-au-lait birthmarks, Nevus of Ota birthmarks, Freckles and Age Spots. Café-au-lait birthmarks are spots that are light brown in color, which can be small or very large, and can appear on any part of the body. Nevus of Ota is a type of large birthmark usually found on the face, which is mostly common in Asians. Freckles or Ephilides are very small spots of concentrated pigment caused by the sun exposure. On the other hand, Age Spots or Lentigines or Liver Spots, are abnormal pigment accumulations in the surface of the skin due years of sun exposure. These can appear on the face, neck, chest, back, even in the forearms and hands.

Treatments Available

  • Pigment-specific Laser Treatment
  • Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment
  • Chemical Peel


What causes Pigmented Lesions?

Excess melanin, which is the substance giving skin its color, is the one causing Pigmented Lesions. It can occur from birth or due to age and over-exposure to the sun.

Which type Pigmented Lesions can be treated with laser?

Café-au-lait birthmarks, Age Spots and Freckles are the most treated Pigmented Lesions. These three are caused by excess melanin due to sunlight exposure and congenital factors.

What are alternative treatments?

Pigmented Lesions and Age Spots are problems that do not need medical treatment. The use of tretinoin or Retin-A, topical vitamin-C or fade creams are recommended although the results are unpredictable and the wait time for results is about six months or even more. The use of make-up is also an option for these Pigmented Lesions. Cryotherapy is also an alternative although it leaves white unpigmented areas or small scars.

Are the results permanent?

Most Pigmented Lesions that are completely removed will not go back. But Café-au-lait spots can return due to sun exposure. Permanency of the results of the treatment cannot be guaranteed. Also Age Spots and Freckles will continue to appear due to aging. Be reminded that the appearance of new lesions is not to be considered a recurrence.