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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Philippines

Are you looking to get a nose job?

Tired of that belly and want a tummy tuck?

Or just want to get rid of some of those scars, wrinkles or improve upon some other areas of your body that you aren’t happy with?

Regardless of what you want to get done, you CAN get it done.

We know, you are probably thinking – “I can’t, it’s too expensive.”

We hear that, and we hear it LOUD and CLEAR.

In fact, we have heard it a lot in the past.  Many of our clients come to us for this very reason – it costs TOO much.

Well, it does, IF you have it done in the U.S. or any other area where prices would call for you to take out a loan.

Plastic Surgery in the Philippines is cheaper than it is in the U.S.

However, we do understand that when you do a procedure like this overseas, that there is a bit of a concern on the level of service.

While, we’ll get to that in a bit, let’s first talk about cost.

Why have it done with us?

When You Have Plastic Surgery in the Philippines – You Can Save 50% to 70%

Yes, you read correctly.

You can get a TREMENDOUS cost savings when you decide to get your procedure done with us here in the Philippines at the Beverly Hills Medical Group.

Say for example your procedure was $20,000.  You could potentially be paying only $10,000 or maybe even as low as $6,000.

Think you couldn’t get it done?

Think again.

Still have some concerns about doing it overseas?

Get Your Plastic Surgery at Beverly Hills Medical Group – Asia’s Only U.S. Based Medical Center Remember when we spoke about concerns earlier?

Now, it may be concerning if the medical center you want work done at is an unknown in the industry, but what if we told you that we are actually U.S. based? Would that help to calm any reservations you had? We are Asia’s only U.S. based medical center. This means that our medical staff has been trained in the U.S. and essentially will provide you with the EXACT same plastic surgery you would get in the states.


Expert Plastic Surgery in the Philippines – U.S. Trained Plastic Surgeons

Yes, our plastic surgeons are some of the best around.

They are leading professionals, experts and specialists in their field and have done many surgeries like the ones you are probably contemplating.

With the wealth of expertise and experience that you’ll find with our Doctors, you’ll wonder why you haven’t contacted us sooner.

Which is where that leaves you.

Are you ready to pay the high costs of plastic surgery?

Is it in your budget?

If cost has been a barrier for you, and you have been looking for ways to save, while not compromising the level of service you would like to receive, then we encourage you to contact us today.

If you have wanted to get plastic surgery, but need more information, please get in touch with us today.

You’ll be glad that you did.