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What Are Moles?

A mole or nevus may be described as a dark spot or irregularity found in the skin. Generally, they first come into view in childhood or during the teen years. Moles differ in color, size and shape. Some are flesh-colored, yellow-brown or black. They may be flat or raised, smooth, hairy or warty looking.

What Causes Moles?

Some people are born with moles and other moles emerge after some time. Sun exposure seems to take part in the growth of moles and may even play a role in the development of atypical, or dysplastic moles. The role of heredity cannot be underemphasized. Many families have a type of mole known as dysplastic (atypical), which can be linked with a higher frequency of melanoma or skin cancer.

What Is Mole Excision?

A mole is also known as a nevus. Excision of a mole involves removing it by cutting it from the skin.

What Are The Effects of Mole Excision?

The benefits of this procedure include removing protruding moles that get in the way of shaving; reducing skin irritation that happens when certain moles rub against clothing or jewelry; achieving smoother and clearer skin; and enhancing appearance and improving self-esteem.

Most importantly, if a mole is suspected to be pre-cancerous early on, it can be removed completely before it brings about a serious health risk.

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    Who Are Candidates For Mole Excision?

    Moles can be bothersome to some people and can even lead to dangerous health risks. Mole removal, whether by laser or other surgical procedures, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that offers a solution to people who want to enhance their looks and decrease associated health risks.

    Your Mole Excision Consultation.

    The area to be treated will be cleansed with alcohol, Betadine, or another suitable material, depending on the surgeon’s preferences. After that, the area will be numbed with anesthetic. This will not take long to complete. Many surgeons prefer to wait after numbing to allow the blood flow to the area to reduce (sometimes up to 15 minutes).

    The Mole Excision Procedure. How Is The Mole Excision Performed?

    The surgeon employs a scalpel to cut the mole and a border of good skin surrounding it. The surgeon will decide on the size of this border. Stitches are positioned either deep within the skin, or on the upper surface, depending on the depth of the excision.

    For the procedure that entails no stitches, a scalpel is applied to shave the mole allowing it to be flush with the surrounding skin. Next, via an electrical instrument, the doctor cauterizes the area to prevent any bleeding. A topical antibiotic is applied to decrease risk of infection. Shaving eliminates the protruding surface of the mole, although it can leave mole cells beneath the skin and may grow back.

    Your Mole Excision Recovery.

    Following the procedure, you have to keep a layer of antibiotic salve and a bandage on the wound. An antibiotic ointment that does not contain neomycin (e.g. Polysporin) should be used. Several people are allergic to neomycin and may develop a rash at the site.

    Clean the wound once or twice a day with either water or diluted hydrogen peroxide. After the wound is cleansed, apply the antibiotic salve and bandage. Repeat this procedure until the wound is healed.

    What Are The Risks And Limitations Of Mole Removal?

    Mole removal methods include risks such as infection, anesthetic allergy and nerve damage. It is always wise to select a dermatologist or surgeon with proper skills and experience with these removals. In doing so, the risks associated with this procedure will be reduced.

    One common condition that can come about after the excision procedure is scarring. More or less scars fade away, but some can be permanent. Scars can be removed by way of skin resurfacing or other scar revision procedures.

    What Should I Expect After The Mole Is Removed?

    The quantity of discomfort subsequently differs on the method used. If there is discomfort, it can be alleviated with prescribed pain medication. A scab will likely develop and then heal within a week or two. In addition, any redness that takes place will vanish within two to four weeks. Most scars that do appear slowly fade over time.

    What Preventive Measures Should I Take For Moles?

    Doctors remove many moles everyday, but there is constantly one recurring theme that dermatologists tell people: Be aware of your body and any moles that have changed over time. This is particularly true for moles that are dark or flat. Customarily, people will consult doctors and be extremely concerned about raised, lightly colored moles, but they are not concerned about the dark, black, melanoma (skin cancer) next to the mole. This is truly important.

    Moreover, it is imperative to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen when you are outside. If you do go to your dermatologist for evaluation, be receptive to a full body mole screening since it is important to look over your entire body rather than ignore areas that you may not be able to inspect on a regular basis.

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