“If you want excellence, satisfaction and affordable services, I highly recommend that you call or visit BHMG in the Philippines” I went to the Philippines precisely to consult with BHMG regarding my dental concerns. I have bridges and crowns which I have had for a long time that I intended to substitute with newer and better replacements. I was given an appointment within a day of our arrival on a Saturday for the initial consultation with the Dentist, the very professional yet very charming head of the dental clinic and her associate Dental Nurse. The initial assessment included a variety of options which explained in detail and with such amazing self confidence that one cannot help but be assured of her knowledge and expertise in dealing with complicated dental problems. I trusted her immediately! The very courteous BHMG staff scheduled the medical clearance necessary for me to undergo the surgical procedure promptly and efficiently and within the following week, I already had my implant posts and bridge, dental dressings and temporary fittings. The follow up appointments were frequent, meticulous and efficient. Medications were always included as well and the quality of materials used are unsurpassed even by US standards. The environment at BHMG is impressive because it is centrally located at a very pleasant suburb, the clinic itself is super clean and equipped with the most modern conveniences, the surgical suites and recovery rooms are comparably equipped with US made furnishings such as stretchers, monitors, etc. I attribute this impressive facility to their most capable CEO and her excellent vision and management style. Her courteous staff who greets each client with a warm “hello, mam or sir” is one of her most valuable asset because they are very polite, gracious, competent and committed to personalized and professional service. Appointments are so flexible that they accommodate and adjust their schedules according to their clientele’s availability including weekends and late nights. Transportation to and from the clinic is even provided when necessary…how marvelous is that! My bill for 6 implants, bridge with multiple crowns and drainage of abscess, all under general anesthesia was $12,500. Consultations, laboratory workup, X-Rays, EKG, medical clearance by an internist, anesthesia, medications, quality dental materials/supplies/products and follow-ups are all inclusive in the bill. If you want excellence, satisfaction and affordable services, I highly recommend that you call or visit BHMG in the Philippines because it is well worth the experience. Use their website for questions, quotes, chat, etc. to make inquiries and research.

Ella - December 2, 2015United States

It has been 7 weeks since I received my new and overwhelming smile, I can’t thank you enough for the communication, understanding and professionalism from you and of the Staff, always smiling, caring and friendly, and even the gentlemen at the gate. I was a little apprehensive about having dental surgery away from home, constantly researching on the Internet for the last 8 years, and always afraid of taking that first step, when one day I decided I will travel to the Philippines (Manila) and see for myself. This was just a visit for consultation and then I was off to do some recreational Diving.I arrived at BHMG and to my surprise on entry (the Foyer was huge, clean and tidy and the wonderful smile from the reception staff. I filled out the required documents, straight into X-Rays and then on the Dentist Chair for my check up and consultation, I had questions and Dentist gave me the answers. WOW…. I was in heaven, no longer confused, no more researching; this is where I am getting my new smile…. then the Quote on what it would cost. I was given several options which was fantastic and compared to the cost back home in Australia, it was a Massive cost saving to me. I returned back to Australia, and discussed the procedure with my family; I decided that it was time to make it happen. 3 months later August 2014 I returned to BHMG (Makati City) This time it was the real deal, the Dentist and team began the procedure on Monday 25th August on Friday 29th, the final step to fitting the crowns. When the fitting was complete, I was speechless, was almost in tears with the overwhelming look of my new teeth. What a result in just 5 days, I had the perfect teeth and a smile too add to my face.The procedure was complete fitting of upper and lower Porcelain Crowns with 2 sets of bridges. I must add that my wife had 2 Bridges to fill the gaps and teeth whitening at the same time. Everyone back home that have seen the results are amazed of the work and cost saving. I would certainly recommend BHMG to my friends without hesitation.Once again a very big thank you to the Dentist and all the staff that participated during this procedure.

Frank Mangano - August 30, 2015Australia

“Go for It. Don’t Be Afraid. I Suffered Too Long with Gynecomastia and Fat Accumulating Under an Abdomanal Scar” Over the last ten to fifteen years my body has undergone many changes – from being very thin in my early 20s, and then to my late 20s/30s where I was putting on weight and feeling relieved to finally see some body mass. But then in more recent years, I began to develop gynecomastia which I tolerated for a while, trying to reassure myself I am simply one of many shapes that us human-beings take on. But my chest area began to noticeably gain an even more breast-like appearance to the point where every morning in the mirror I was depressed at the sight in front of me. And to think I am a very healthy person – I exercise, eat right, and don’t smoke. I even do the pectoral fly in the gym. Coupled with the gynecomastia, I have quite a large scar across my abdomen following treatment for cancer when I was a kid. The scar has seemingly compromised the way my torso seems to deal with natural fat distribution and despite my good health regime, I developed an ever increasing unsightly roll of fat on my lower abdomen. And still I exercised. I am not a gym rat, nor am I bothered about getting six-pack. But the truth was, I was feeling increasingly insecure about my torso, to the point where I was avoiding swimming in public, and even making me feel uncomfortable during sex. Something had to be done – I simply wanted my body back and, in doing so, to reclaim my masculinity too. I considered the non-invasive coolsculpting method, but after consultations with two different doctors (and consulting my own instinct), I realised it would take many repeat visits if I hoped to see a proper reduction, and many visits would bring the cost close to what I’d pay for surgery. So I finally focused my sights on liposuction, and began looking at clinics in the Philippines. As I currently live in Singapore, a 3 hr hop to Manila was neither costly or too time consuming but more to the point, the cost of the surgery was less than half than that in Singapore. Eventually, it soon became clear it was a choice between Belo Medical Group, or the Beverly Hills Medical Group. The latter appealed because it is actually a US medical facility with a branch operating in Asia. And what a great choice I made.

EmiLeg - October 7, 2015Philippines

“Beautiful Boobs by No 1 Surgeon” I know through conversations with other women a lot of us dream to improve or change something physically we don’t like about ourselves. With me It was the very small, child like, breasts which did not suit my womanly figure. At age 40 I decided to gift myself my dream. I had travelled to the Philippines previously for a fat transfer and my surgeon Dr Del Rosario, who I consider to be the best and the only surgeon I would allow to perform any cosmetic surgery on me, would also do my breast augmentation. Dr Del Rosario and his amazing team are very informative, incredibly professional and their attention to detail are all at its highest level. So not only have I had Dr Del Rosario perform amazing surgery on me but also, over the years, have taken my friends whom have had breasts and nose surgeries. I HIGHLY recommend BEVERLY HILLS MEDICAL GROUP in Makati City, Philippines. I would not go anywhere else. At BHMG it is possible and affordable to have the surgery you have dreamed of. Their website is the most informative out there and their staff go above and beyond in providing before and after care to all their clients. The moment I contacted them they were extremely informative, prompt and true to their words. All my friends and myself have been extremely happy with our cosmetic surgeries. I highly recommend BEVERLY HILLS MEDICAL GROUP

Juliehodson72 November 11, 2015Australia

Thank you Doctor Del Rosario, and your team for taking great care of me and I’m so happy with the procedure. You made me feel comfy and ease before and after the procedure. i definitely recommend BHMG because of their professionalism, expertise on the field and wonderful people. I’m so happy with the result. You made me more beautiful!!!

S.P.B December 2, 2015Philippines

“Going to another country for treatment scared me, but I found going to Beverly Hills Medical Group is worth the trip.” My teeth were all jacked up from so many years of neglect and as the years went on the price kept going up came well beyond what I could afford. I highly recommend the clinic as nothing compares to the facility and the quality of the treatment. I have complete trust in BHMG for all my medical needs. Going to another country for treatment scared me at first, but I found that going to Beverly Hills Medical Group is worth the trip.

Eddie October 13, 2015United States

“The Philippines is really a great place to go for dental treatment.” The dental treatment I received was fantastic! I travelled from Canada and planned on staying for less than a week to have all my dental work done. The price was extremely affordable and I saved quite a bit, enough for a couple days of shopping. Everyone at the clinic was very courteous and kind and the dentist was superb. I would absolutely and definitely recommend the Beverly Hills clinic to my family and friends and wouldn’t mind going back if needed. The Philippines is really a great place to go for dental treatment.

Terry August 24, 2015Canada

“Definitely recommend”. I felt very fortunate to have known Beverly Hills Medical Group to do my dental work. Not only did they take care of my immediate needs, nicest dentist and staff I’ve ever experienced. Not only have i found their staff to be consummate professionals, but they treat their patients with the utmost respect and courtesy. I am so pleased with the excellent results and i will definitely recommend this place to all of my friends and family. “Thank you to all who made it possible for me. I now have a beautiful smile! I cannot express how much this means to me. My confidence is over the top — this experience has been life changing.”

Cherrie August 28, 2015United States

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